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Prenatal class offerings include live taught taught private class options as well as a variety of online self-paced, on-demand class options taught by Lauren Cascone, and offered through Google Classrooms. Please find full class descriptions below. Each class offering as well as bundled package pricing can be purchased on the Book Class Page of this site. 


Strong as a Mother Childbirth Preparation Class On Demand -  $75

Want to fuse a live taught childbirth prep class with a self-paced feel?  With our on-demand childbirth prep class you can do just that!

This class is offered through Google Classroom and includes live taught (pre-recorded) instruction on the following topics:

- Pregnancy

- Labor

- Comfort/Breathing Techniques

- Medical Procedures

- Cesarean Birth

- Newborns

- Postpartum

Google classroom will include useful course handouts and accompanying pdf book of "Understanding Birth" which compliments the instruction! BONUS: You will have access to the google classroom for 9 months (270 days) after you purchase the class.  

**Add on a private 45 minute 1:1 zoom consult at course completion for $30 more.  If interested in the additional 1:1 consult as an add on option, please email  

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Breastfeeding Basics Class On Demand - $50

This two hour class is a great introduction to help you feel confident and ready to breastfeed your baby.

Participants will learn about the following: 

- Benefits of breastfeeding

- Signs of a good latch

- Signs of milk transfer 

- How to establish your best milk supply 

- Newborn feeding patterns/how often to feed 

- Breast milk storage

- How to know baby has eaten enough 


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Strong as a Mother Baby Care Basics Class On Demand - $50

This 2.25 hour long course is for you if:

  • You want to know what to expect in the delivery room

  •  You want to be prepared for routine newborn procedures

  • You want to understand feeding, bathing, diapering, swaddling 

  • You want to understanding basic newborn health and safety considerations

  • You want to understand realistic sleep expectations and safe sleep considerations

  • You want to know how to comfort and play with your new baby

Class Discussions will Include:

Newborn Traits, Newborn Behaviors, Crying and Comforting, Feeding, Diapering, Bathing, Nail Care & Dressing, Newborn Health, Newborn Safety, Safe Sleep and SIDS prevention, Newborn Development & Expectations For Sleep

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Breastmilk Pumping and Storing Class On Demand - $25

Everything you need to know to get yourself ready for breastmilk pumping (exclusively pumping or not). Taught pre-recorded via zoom. 

This two hour class covers: 

1.The benefits of breastmilk – Mom and baby
2.How your body makes milk
3.How long should I feed my baby breastmilk 
4.How to know baby is getting enough breastmilk
5.Ways to express breastmilk
6.Pumping Basics – how often, how long, when, equipment needed
7.Troubleshooting your pump
8.Proper storage and handling of breastmilk
9.How to clean your breast pump
10.Breastmilk in a bottle feeding
11.Exclusive breastmilk pumping
12.Combo nursing/pumping feeding when going back to work
13.Pumping for undersupply issues
14.Pumping for oversupply issues
15.Common breast concerns while nursing/pumping


1:1 Consultations with Lauren Cascone via zoom or in your home

60 minute consultation via zoom priced at $60/hr

Live consultations in the privacy of your own home priced at $75/hr

Book virtual consults via book class page, book private live consults in your home by emailing

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AWHONN's Intermediate Fetal Monitoring Course $250

AWHONN’s Intermediate Fetal Heart Monitoring Course is a two-day Instructor-led educational experience taught at locations across the U.S.  The course is presented to over 15,000 clinicians a year and may be used as a competency assessment to validate the knowledge and skills of perinatal clinicians who use fetal monitoring.  The course includes a post test to assess learner knowledge.

Course Description

The course can be used to support preparation for certification examinations.

The information included and the skills presented include:

  • Maternal and fetal physiology

  • Interpretation of fetal and uterine monitor tracings

  • Evaluation of auscultated fetal heart sounds

  • Performance of Leopold’s Maneuvers

  • Placement of fetal spiral electrodes and intrauterine pressure catheters

  • Evaluation of and strategies for enhancing communication

Intended Audience

AWHONN’s Intermediate Fetal Heart Monitoring Course is an excellent interdisciplinary course for perinatal registered nurses and physicians.  This course assumes the learner has previously completed entry-level/basic fetal monitoring education. It is designed for perinatal clinicians who use fetal heart monitoring in the intrapartum setting.

$250 instructor fee for the two day course. This fee is paid for when you click on "Book Class" Button and register for the course.  

**Each participant is required to separately purchase the intermediate course student pack ($120). The product number is 978-1-5249-3365-4.  This is from Kendall Hunt in order to receive full credit for the course and be assigned CEUs through AWHONN. 

Each participant should also purchase the Fetal Heart Monitoring Principles & Practices (5th edition) as the primary reference for course preparation.  This textbook is available in either print ($74.95) or e-book format ($34.95). 

This material can be purchased at

Contact Hours

To obtain 18 contact hours of CNE and 15.25 hours of CME, participants must attend the entire course and complete an online feedback form.

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