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Pre-Recorded via Zoom - Got Milk? Breastmilk Pumping and Storing Class

A great class to get your breastmilk pumping and storing journey off to an excellent start.

Time & Location

Time is TBD
Online via Zoom

About the Event

This class covers everything you need to know to get yourself ready for breastmilk pumping (exclusively pumping or not).

Topics Include:

1. The benefits of breastmilk – Mom and baby

2. How your body makes milk

3. How long should I feed my baby breastmilk

4. How to know baby is getting enough breastmilk

5. Ways to express breastmilk

6. Pumping Basics – how often, how long, when, equipment needed

7. Troubleshooting your pump

8. Proper storage and handling of breastmilk

9. How to clean your breast pump

10. Breastmilk in a bottle feeding

11. Exclusive breastmilk pumping

12. Combo nursing/pumping feeding when going back to work

13. Pumping for undersupply issues

14.Pumping for oversupply issues

15. Common breast concerns while nursing/pumping

  • Got Milk? Pre-Recorded

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